Project Assessment is a collaboratively developed digital library of solutions to help psychology teachers demonstrate evidence of teaching and learning effectiveness.  Whether the goal is teacher improvement or gathering data for an accountability mandate, the entries in the library should prove helpful to teachers at all levels of psychology.

Project Assessment aligns with the learning goals and outcomes in the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major: Version 2.0. We organized the library to offer a background in contemporary accountability challenges and to share promising practices in both classroom assessment and program evaluation.

Wherever possible, we share data from actual use of the strategy and designate that entry as “Evidence-Based.” Some assessment strategies are designated as “Evidence-Informed”; although we don’t have data available, we think there is sufficient promise in the design to include it in the library. The goal of Project Assessment is to provide strategies in a dynamic library that will be expanded over time.  We hope the library will be inspirational and spark creativity.