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We invite you to explore this website to help you with your assessment planning needs.  You may reproduce multiple copies of these assessment tools for your own personal use, including use in your classes and/or sharing with individual colleagues as long as the author is given due credit as one would with any intellectual property. No other permission is implied or granted to print, copy, reproduce, or distribute additional copies of this material. Anyone who wishes to produce copies for purposes other than those specified above must obtain the permission of the authors.

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Browse our library for inspiration by selecting one of the following menu options:

  • Browse by Learning Goals (e.g., I need a rubric to assess Communication skills).
  • Browse by Topic (e.g., I need an assessment measure for cognitive psychology).
  • Browse by Type (e.g., I need to find a multiple choice question assignment).
  • Assessment Resources (e.g., What do I need to know to make good decisions about assessment?)
  • Program Evaluation (e.g., I need a good measure of student satisfaction with the major.) These strategies are particularly helpful for programs facing academic program reviews or other accountability efforts.

Please consider sending feedback and offering a rating that relates to your experience with the assignments and assessment strategies.  With your permission, we will post documentation that provides qualitative and quantitative data as well as additional commentary and feedback based on your experience.

Questions? Contact Martha Boenau at (202) 336-6140 or send us a message.